Prof. Christoph Schneider
Profilbild Schneider
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Prof. Christoph Schneider

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Geography



The team of Christoph Schneider works on the impacts of climate and climate change in the field of urban climates and in the field of cryospheric sciences (anything related to snow and ice). His expertise comprises the downscaling of meteorological respectively climatological data for applications in high spatial resolution, for example for urban planning and construction schemes and also for the analysis of potential impacts of climate change on the level of city quarters and cities. Furthermore, such numerical and empirical-statistical procedures are applied to the projection of future water resources in glaciated catchments in high alpine environments worldwide. This also leads to applications regarding the future state of snow covers in mountain ranges which is especially important for questions of future prospects of snow sport tourism. In both fields of applications, the urban climatology and the cryospheric research, measurement strategies and data acquisition of relevant atmospheric variables for the projects are used besides theoretical modelling approaches and downscaling as outlined above.

Scientific Services
  • automatic weather stations
  • turbulence stations
  • devices for particulate matter and ultrafine particles
  • mobile sensoring techniques for meteorological parameters
  • measurement van as platform of mentioned instrumentation
  • Study of the potential and feasibility for large solar power plants on the Iberian Peninsula and in Northern Africa for a large German solar power panel  manufacturer (2005)
  • Study of the projections of impacts of climate change on snow sport in German low moutain ranges for the German Association of Skiing Clubs and the German Federal Secretary of Research and Education (2008)
  • Urban climate analysis for construction schemes for the City of Aachen (2006-2012)
  • Climate change adaptation plans for cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (2014, 2015)