Prof. Holger Schlingloff
Profilbild Schlingloff

Prof. Holger Schlingloff

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science

Software Engineering


Our daily life more and more depends on computational systems embedded in common appliances. Just think of advanced driver assistance systems in cars, medical devices, or indsutrial supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Since such systems also realise safety-critical tasks, it is all the more important to provide effective and efficient quality assurance for them. The specification, verification and testing theory group researches methods for model-based development and model checking, logical verification, and automated testing of safety-critical software. Prog. Schlingloff is chief scientist of the system quality center at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, and chairman of the boards of GFaI e.V. and ZeSys e.V.

  • Major German company for communication and sensors: Student semester project for the design and implementation of a system for distributed control of indoor air quality.