Prof. Matthias Weidlich
Profilbild Weidlich

Prof. Matthias Weidlich

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science

Process-Driven Architectures


Prof. Weidlich is a professor at the Department of Computer Science, where he leads the Process-Driven Architectures research group. The goal of his team is to support and improve the design and the analysis of process-oriented information systems (POIS) and event-driven systems (ES). POIS are software systems that help to automate, monitor, and control processes. These systems are established in various domains, from logistics, through healthcare, to infrastructure monitoring. The team’s research focuses on formal methods for behavioural modelling and verification, event-driven approaches to monitor and control processes, as well as questions related to process-driven data integration. The group further works on techniques that optimise the run-time behaviour of event-driven systems. In particular, the evaluation of event queries over streams can be designed more efficiently once regularities within event streams have been detected. In 2016, Prof. Weidlich was named Junior Fellow of the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik, GI) and awarded with the Berlin Research Prize (Young Scientist) by the Governing Mayor of Berlin.

Scientific Services
  • extensive experience with the documentation of business processes and in training for process management techniques
  • expertise in process mining, data-driven analysis of processes in terms of qualitative (compliance requirements) and quantitative (bottleneck-analysis, management of resource deployment) properties
  • know-how in scalable infrastructures for event stream processing
  • for a leading US cancer clinic: analysis and improvement of clinical processes based on the data of a real-time-locating-system
  • for an international oil and gas group: development of techniques for detecting irregularities in streams of sensor data
  • for a well-known German manufacturer of enterprise software: design and development of add-ons for a business process modelling platform