Prof. Peter Eisert
Profilbild Eisert

Prof. Peter Eisert

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science

Visual Computing


The chair of Visual Computing develops new methods for the analysis and synthesis of image and video data. This includes algorithms for estimating shape, material, motion and deformation from monocular and multi-view camera systems. Both in national and international collaborations, those algorithms are exploited in applications like multimedia, VR/AR, industry, medicine, and security.

Scientific Services
  • Various cameras
  • Multispectral sensors, 3D sensors
  • Lighting and calibration systems
  • Development of new methods for automatic inspection and damage classification of sewer networks with a water supply company
  • Development of augmented reality systems for automobile production processes with a car manufacturer
  • Analysis of multispectral imaging for tissue classification in collaboration with medical technology manufacturer