Prof. Manuel Völkle
Profilbild Völkle

Prof. Manuel Völkle

Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Psychology

Multivariate research methods


Professor Voelkle is an expert in Quantitative Psychology. He and his team work on the development and adaptation of new assessment procedures, the statistical and mathematical modeling of psychological processes, the design of studies as well as the analysis and interpretation of empirical-psychological data. Special emphasis of the research conducted at professor Voelkle’s lab lies on the analysis of longitudinal data and evaluation research. Professor Voelkle and his team are often involved as consultants in research and development projects in the education and health sector. To improve applied empirical research in the social and life sciences, they have founded the Berlin Methods Group in 2017.

Scientific Services

Powerful computers and access to all common statistical programs

  • Health: Evaluation and statistical advice for psychological-medical research facilities and health insurance companies
  • Education: Evaluation and statistical consulting for private and public project executing organisations
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