Prof. Henning Nuissl
Profilbild Nuissl

Prof. Henning Nuissl

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Geography

Applied geography and spatial planning


Prof. Nuissl is concerned with the development of cities and regions. He investigates the growth of cities and settlement areas, dynamics on the housing market (esp. displacement processes) as well as the development of city districts and neighborhoods. In addition, one focus of his work is the analysis of municipal planning and policy processes. As a member of the Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys), Prof. Nuissl has excellent interdisciplinary connections in his field of research.

Scientific Services
  • Contract research (qualitative and quantitative social science methods)
  • Expert reports
  • City of Munich: Case Study on Displacement Processes in the Housing Market and Derivation of Urban Policy Implications (…)

  • vhw Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung (Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development): Study on the change of local political cultures in a polarized society

  • FGW - Forschungsinstitut für die gesellschaftliche Weiterentwicklung (North Rhine-Westphalia): Study on the integration of migrants in the neighborhood (…)

  • CBRE: Data collection on student housing in Germany

  • IRI THESys - Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems at the Humboldt University of Berlin