Prof. Ulf Leser
Profilbild Leser

Prof. Ulf Leser

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Computer Science

Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics


The research of Prof. Leser and his group is focused on all aspects of management, integration and analysis of heterogeneous, large and distributed data sets including natural language texts (text-mining and information extraction). This encompasses subjects such as data warehouses and ETL, graph databases, deep web and semantic web, machine learning, similarity search, scientific workflows, statistical methods of data analysis as well as methods for assessing and securing data quality. The team of Professor Leser conducts research in a variety of interdisciplinary projects, especially with colleagues from the life sciences covering the range from basic molecular biology to Systems Medicine.

Scientific Services

Very good IT-facilities:

  • several state-of-the-art parallel computer cluster (20-80 CPUs, 1 TB main memory)
  • cluster with 60+ cores
  • 50TB+ storage
  • For an IT service provider: Consultancy  and prototype development in the field of master data standardisation and integration
  • For an IT-manufacturer: Development and valuation of algorithms for analysing data quality
  • For an international pharmaceutical company: Consultancy and development of text-mining-procedures in biomarker development
  • For a medium-sized biotech company: Joint system development (partly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) in the field of human genotype changes evaluation