Prof. York Winter
Profilbild Winter

Prof. York Winter

Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Biology

Cognitive Neurobiology


Prof. Winter’s research is focused on animal behaviour, especially cognitive performance, e.g. learning ability, memory and their neurobiological foundation for foraging. He carries out behavioural assessments for mice and rats, mostly for preclinical research, to investigate decision-making processes in animals. Lab space is available, inter alia at the Berlin Mouse Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry (BMC), one of the leading diagnostic institutions within the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence. Prof. Winter and his team also advise on experimental design and develop automated equipment and systems for behavioural studies on rodents for external laboratories. Another area of his expertise is virtual reality for humans. Here Prof. Winter focuses on the development of a compact, mobile, and immersive virtual reality environment for a wide range of uses.

Scientific Services

Behavioural analysis:

  • Computer controlled sensor and actuator systems for manipulation and measuring of behaviour
  • Modular software system for automated measuring of behaviour
  • RFID technology

Virtual reality:

  • Immersive 3D-virtual reality system with closed monitoring (octagon)
  • Software for rapid implementation of specific VR-applications and interaction scenarios
  • Planning and development of a system for automated diagnostics of parameters for motor skills after clinical surgery for a large international pharmaceutical group. 24h recording and measurement as operator independent system.