Prof. Matthias Ziegler
Profilbild Ziegler

Prof. Matthias Ziegler

Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Psychology

Psychological Diagnostics


Prof. Ziegler and his team’s area of expertise is psychological diagnostics. He successfully collaborated with renowned companies on projects, which focused on the development of competence models, employee surveys, annual performance reviews and occupational aptitude testing. Prof. Ziegler and his team also train individuals or teams on topics of personnel assessment, e.g. assessment centres and interviews. Moreover, Prof. Ziegler develops customised diagnostic processes and evaluates them.

Scientific Services

PC-laboratory with 10 workstations as well as several performance and personality tests.

  • Accor Hotels Germany: development of competence models
  • SHS VIVEON: realisation of training for interviewers
  • International executive headhunting company: development of customised personality test