Prof. Annekatrin Hoppe
Prof. Hoppe

Prof. Annekatrin Hoppe

Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Psychology

Occupational Health Psychology


Prof. Hoppe’s research is focused on Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) especially on the analysis of work activities to maintain employee health and performance as well as to provide learning and development opportunities. OHP integrates occupational and health psychology with occupational medicine and traditional labor safety, which is insufficient for today’s flexible employment situation. Prof. Hoppe also examines the psychosocial characteristics of a specific workplace, e.g. work requirements or the level of influence on and control over tasks as well as the social working environment. She also studies the effects of these characteristics on employee health and his/her well-being. She investigates how psychosocial work characteristics influence an employee’s motivating factors like job satisfaction and commitment. Particular attention is paid to the situation of migrant and low-skilled workers and the analysis of the impact their workplaces and work environments may have on their health and well-being. Moreover, Prof. Hoppe studies multi-ethnic and -lingual workforces and the effects of diversity on employee health.

Scientific Services
  • risk assessment methods for workplace conditions
  • employee surveys regarding the promotion of health at workplace
  • postal operators, logistics companies, professional care providers, manufacturing companies: execution of employee surveys to gather data on psychosocial strain and resources in the workplace and to analyse effects of stress, job satisfaction and work performance
  • public institutions (e.g. universities, federal ministries), consulting companies, self-employed persons: development of health-related interventions and training sessions via mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) to facilitate recovery strategies and self-management