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Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Psychology

Personality Psychology

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Dr. rer. nat. habil. Eva Asselmann is a psychologist and has extensive expertise in the areas of personality development, resilience, stress management, health promotion, and prevention. Her research focuses on the following questions: How does our personality change throughout life? How do major life events affect our personality, well-being, and health? What can we do to successfully cope with stress, overcome crises, and grow from challenges?

Dr. Eva Asselmann offers coachings and trainings with a focus on personality development, resilience, stress management, and relaxation. In her practical work, she combines her scientific know-how with her long-term experience as a psychological consultant, coach, and trainer. She has additional qualifications in systemic coaching, change management, as well as acceptance and commitment therapy. 

Scientific Services

Coaching and Training in the field of:

  •     Personal development (professional/personal)
  •     Resilience
  •     Stress management
  •     Relaxation
Continuing Education
  • Stress management training for people who feel stressed or agitated in everyday life
    (INSTANT RELAX: Participants learn an innovative relaxation technique that enables to relax within 20-30 sec. even in acute stress situations. Complaints such as headaches, back pain, anxiety and restlessness can be effectively reduced.)